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Libération de mes démons..

Libération de mes démons..

Ma plume se lève et mon démon se réveille...



In the top left corner you have depression, isolating you from humanity, telling you you’re worthless and making you feel vulnerable.
Next to her is anorexia. Skinny and evil, she is made of bones and tells you not to eat.
At the fridge is bulimia/binge eating disorder. Binging and possibly purging, she makes you feel gross from all you ate.
In the bottom left is anxiety/suicidal tendencies. Alone, scared and helpless she turns to drugs to end your pain…either for a little while or forever.
At the right of the table you have self harm. Constantly whispering, providing “relief” and telling you it’ll all be okay. If you cut deeper. Evilly enticing you until the pain stops.
In the middle, is yourself. The only one with human eyes. Surrounded by your demons.

Can we just. Please.
"You’re under my skin, and no matter how deep I cut you won’t come out."


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